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You are haulier

Our portal includes real-time information of freight carriages and bus tours that are already in progress or scheduled, as well as information of free cargo space, transport schedules, prices and available means of transport.

In this web environment, the companies organizing international transport as well as Estonian domestic carriers can inform their potential clients of free carriage resource on a specific period and route. As a carrier, you will be visible to everybody with your vehicles and carriages. In addition to transportation offers, it is possible to search cargo and make your own offers for their transport to the destination requested by the client.

Sorting of transportations and cargo on the basis of markers specified by the user enables to find immediately the most suitable offers for you as a carrier. 

The Freight Portal does not mediate transportation as a forwarding agent; you shall take contact directly with the other party yourself in order to negotiate mutually the terms and conditions. Offers can be made using the contact data displayed in the portal.

The Freight Portal can be visited as a registered as well as unregistered user. Unregistered users can search necessary information free of charge. Information about cargo waiting for transportation can be uploaded only by registered users. Registration is quick and convenient. After payment of invoice through an internet bank a password shall be sent to your e-mail address and you can start to upload data. In order to upload information in the portal, a freight or cargo offer form shall be filled in.

The companies and sole proprietors registering in March, April or May can use the portal free of charge until the end of 2011 year.

If you want to upload the offers, you must first register yourself. Upon registration all data fields shall be filled in. When you have entered the data about your company and yourself, you must choose, if you want to be an offerer of transportation and/or means of transport (carrier) or an offerer of cargo and bus tours (client). As a carrier, you can enter offers in all registers of transportation, truck and bus offers. As a client, you can enter offers in all registers of cargo and bus tour offers.

Before finalization of registration it is recommended to read terms and conditions of the contract. After reading of the terms and conditions of the contract they shall be accepted, in order to enable registration as a user. After the conclusion of registration operations a password will be sent to your e-mail address in 24 hours, providing you the rights of a registered user of the Freight Portal. You can change the password upon first entry.

After entering the Freight Portal please click on the selection button „My offers”, which will open a work form for entering of your own offers. To enter the offers, assistance can be obtained from user instructions (see the menu button „Instructions”).