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International freight

International freight cannot always be scheduled long in advance. Need for transportation may often arise suddenly and requires operative action. In case of international freight the client can see all freight carriages entered in the portal that are scheduled or already in progress. It is possible to view information of free cargo space and tonnage of the vehicles in transit, to study price information and other entered conditions, to make a decision and order a freight.


The clients can see many vehicles heading abroad, returning from there or moving between foreign countries, together with their routes and free resource of loading space. This resource can also be used immediately upon agreement with the carrier.


The carriers can see all transportation needs entered in the environment on different routes and send their offers to the potential clients.


Carriers can specify travel routes of vehicles that are scheduled or already in transit, free cargo space of a unit and free carriage capacity as well as possible loading or unloading points during the route. Clients can send them requests without exiting the environment.


The clients, who are possessors of cargo or consignees, can specify their need for transportation. Carriers can reply to the need for transportation with their own offer.

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